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The Beacon Online Community is a place for growth-minded Administrative Professionals to connect and collaborate with like-minded peers, share ideas and engage in discussions on topics that are important to you

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Beacon’s educational elements

learn and grow with your fellow Administrative Professionals through our educational programs:

Beacon Lecture Series
Lecture Series
Roundtable Discussions
Making of a winner interview
Making of a
Winner Interview
MBA for the EA crash courses
MBA for the EA
Crash Courses


Discussion Lounges

Discussion Lounges

Online Discussion Lounges following virtual lectures offer numerous benefits to both students and educators. Firstly, they provide an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of the lecture material by engaging in active discussions and clarifying doubts in real-time. This fosters a sense of collaboration and community among learners, enhancing their overall learning experience. Additionally, these lounges enable students to express their thoughts and opinions, promoting critical thinking and communication skills. For educators, these post-lecture discussions offer valuable insights into students' comprehension and areas that may need further clarification, allowing for more targeted teaching. Overall, online Discussion Lounges facilitate a more interactive and engaginglearning environment in the digital age, promoting active learning and knowledge retention


Beacon Member Community Feed

Our primary community engagement forum to engage with your peers.

Are you okay?
Dr. Luana Marques
Unleash you potential
Clint Bruce


Beacon Brain trust

Where all resources, tools, templates and other helpful community-sourced information
is organized and made accessible to Beacon Members.

Path to chief of staff
A Noteworthy Exodus


The beacon Admin Job Board

Where Beacon Members are free to post Administrative opportunities at their organizations, or those they've heard about and want to share with their peers.

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