Beacon was born out of my experiences as the Founder of the Admin Awards, which I launched in 2012 to celebrate the remarkable achievements and dedication of Administrative Professionals.

It was the first program of its kind in the world, and today operates in 9 U.S. regions. Since nearly the beginning of our journey, we've been urged to bridge the gap between our recognition platform, the need for elevated education and the nationwide community of forward-thinking Administrators, and that time is now. The Admin Awards has given me firsthand perspective on the dynamic evolution of the Administrative Profession, witnessing both the strides made and the path that still lies ahead. 


Because we're Admin obsessed, we spend a tremendous amount of time listening to the issues, ideas and aspirations of the community we serve. While we take pride in our role in elevating this esteemed field, we're also tuned into to the unmet needs and challenges that persist. With the same determination that has shaped the Admin Awards, we're excited to embrace these challenges head-on through Beacon. Together, we'll amplify the voice of the modern-day Administrative Professional and continue to be an important part of the revolution of this storied profession.


The Beacon platform is focused on uniting and empowering growth-minded Administrative Professionals through community, elevated learning and peer collaboration so that you can solve complex problems, share ideas and amplify your strategic value to your organizations - while strengthening your career trajectory.

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the name

Choosing the name "Beacon" was intentional and aimed at capturing the heart and soul of our mission.

Like a beacon's guiding light, Administrative Professionals illuminate and steer an organization's path, navigating complexities, streamlining processes, and ensuring smooth operations. Beacon’s mission is to illuminate your path.

source of inspiration
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A beacon is also a source of inspiration, just as Administrative Professionals are, who lead by example, demonstrate professionalism and dedication, and whose presence is uplifting and motivating. Beacon strives to be that source of inspiration for you.

brings people together
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A beacon brings people together. It’s a symbol of the collective strength and solidarity which is often the organizational impact of a high-functioning Administrative Professional. The Beacon community platform aims to foster unity and connection among professionals in the field so you can share knowledge, exchange ideas and support one another.

signals excellence and high standards
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A beacon signals excellence and high standards, much like the modern-day Administrative Professional. Beacon underscores our commitment to elevated professional development and continuous improvement so you can achieve the level of excellence you envision for yourself.

promotes visibility and stands out
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Lastly, a beacon promotes visibility and stands out, catching your attention from a distance. It's highly visible and makes its presence known. Beacon wants to inspire the same in Administrative Professionals – elevated visibility through empowerment and increased awareness about the essential role you play in our organization.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers, and the doers, the believers, and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”
-Edmund Lee

Beacon isn't just a name, it's a symbol of guidance, inspiration, unity, excellence, and visibility within the Administrative Profession.

We're excited about the journey ahead and the positive impact we can make together through Beacon. Join us in celebrating the pivotal role of administrative professionals within our organization!


Founding Principles

Principle 1

Every Member Belongs Here

Administrative Professionals have been excluded from too much for far too long. Beacon is a place where everyone belongs. Our strength comes from our mixed experiences, unique backgrounds and diversity of thought. This means no one is ever excluded or treated poorly because of their race, gender, sexual orientation or where they are on their career path.

Principle 2


We, as lifelong learners united by Beacon, strive for meaningful personal and professional development. We draw inspiration from Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement. To achieve this, we understand that genuine growth occurs when we embrace unfamiliar ideas, information and perspectives. This requires maintaining an open mind, even when our existing beliefs are challenged, as it's through this challenge that we truly evolve and transform.

Principle 3


Nobody understands the need for confidentiality more than Administrative Professionals. Discretion and extreme confidentiality is inherent and critical to the profession. Within Beacon, members are expected to uphold this virtue during all interactions, fostering trust and discretion at all times.

Principle 4

Let’s Have Some Fun!

At Beacon, we wholeheartedly believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. We understand that amidst the demands of work and learning, it's essential to take a step back, let loose, and have some fun! Beyond being a platform for education and community, Beacon is a refuge where camaraderie thrives, shared experiences flourish, and joy fills the air.

Principle 5

Commitment & Deliberate Practice

True growth thrives on intentional effort and focused priorities. Your Beacon journey mirrors your investment. Structured to streamline high-value networking, elevate learning, and enlightenment, it’s critical that you commit to active engagement. Attending live events, engaging in discussion with fellow Beacon members, sharing resources and asking for help are all critical to getting the most out of your Beacon experience.

Meet the team

Sunny Nunan is the Founder and CEO of the Admin Awards, the first public recognition program in the world for Administrative Professionals created in 2012 which was inspired by her Mother, a career Executive Secretary. She is also the proud Co-Founder of Beacon. Sunny is a first-generation college graduate of the University of North Texas.

Sunny is a recipient of the WINGS YMCA Award for her passion for servant leadership and serving women in the workplace, and was awarded the Entrepreneurs for North Texas North Star Award for her years of service as Chairperson of Freedom Day, a post 911 service day initiative. Sunny’s background is in sales and marketing for Epsilon, Royal Caribbean, DCEO Magazine and her first entrepreneurial venture, Core24 which she dissolved after 9 years to focus exclusively on her greatest passion, serving Administrative Professionals. She is the proud wife of Ben Nunan, mother of 2 awesome kids Sydney and Scout and three Border Collies.

Sunny Nunan

Sunny Nunan

Founder, BEACON

Ben Nunan

Ben Nunan

Co-founder, BEACON

Ben Nunan is COO of the Admin Awards is also the proud Co-Founder of Beacon.

Ben is a native Australian and after a successful career in the Royal Australian Airforce as an aerospace engineer and test and evaluation expert, Ben now leads the operations for the Admin Awards and Beacon. A graduate of the Australian Defense Force Academy and 20 year veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force, Ben relocated to Dallas from Australia after meeting his soon-to-be wife. Ben loves family, music, good cheese, is a watch enthusiast and he also loves cooking. Ben has learned to love his steppies, Sydney and Scout and his three Border Collies, Raleigh Jojo and Benji.

Anais Nin
“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
-anais nin