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on THURS. September 28th, 11 AM - 12 PM (CST)

Beacon came to life thanks to input from Administrative Professionals all over the world, and it's here to supercharge and unite forward-thinking Admins like you. We're excited to welcome you to Beacon's reveal and share with you what we've been building.

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why we created Beacon

After creating the Admin Awards 12 years ago, the world's first public recognition program for Administrative Professionals.


Being an Administrative Professional can be isolating

Through Beacon’s online membership network, you can build comradery with like-minded, forward-thinking Administrative Professionals who face similar challenges. Whether you’re the solitary support pillar in your organization or are on a team of hundreds of Admins, Beacon’s nurturing framework creates a profound sense of belonging.


You deserve the same elevated learning as your leaders.

Beacon not only unlocks access to world-class thought leaders, subject matter experts and the tools you need to solve complex problems, but it also offers a unique opportunity for continuous professional growth. Through Beacon’s resources you can cultivate new skills, amplify your strategic value within your organization and propel your career trajectory as an Administrative Professional to new heights.


Our vision for a dynamic brain trust

Beacon’s goal is to revolutionize the administrative profession by fostering a dynamic brain trust dedicated to an exchange of innovative ideas, mission-critical discussions, and expedited problem solving. These are only a few of the outcomes when we activate the collective genius of the Beacon community.